Stationery ,
Interactive ,
Work under: Rice Creative
Art direction: Joshua Breidenbach & Chi-An De Leo
Imagery: Nguyen Phu Hai

Holm residences located by the Saigon river, the utmost important part of what makes Ho Chi Minh City... Saigon. A visual approach featuring the iconic river reflecting the sky is embodied as a direct link to the brand. One that can adapt and evolve through a tease of information all the way to a proud long lasting established community on the high end of what exists in SE Asia.


While it is important to sell a house, it is more about selling a way of life. Families will form here. Children will be born, grow and evolve. Moments make up and form the aura of our homes. It is about selling the place for those moments, on a solid Holm in the river of life. The brand's color pallette is inspired by the sky. The shifting sky will be deep in the memories of a child who grows up at Holm. The view to the sky is integral to the Holm experience.